Ocean Oversize Freight Services

SLS Cargo moves your oversize freight with special care, attention and handling. Regardless of whether the freight is too wide, heavy, tall or unusually shaped, SLS Cargo will ship it where you want it and get it there on time. We expertly tackle roll on roll off services for oversize domestic as well as international cargo.

Most Over-Dimensional, Heavylift and Out-of-Gauge Cargo (OOG) is not shipped in a conventional ocean freight container. It is loaded and unloaded off an ocean freight vessel through a method called roll-on roll-off or ro-ro. Rolling stock is “rolled on” a ro-ro vessel. Multi-purpose vessels may or may not have a ramp and may need to be loaded with a crane. It may sound overwhelming, but not for SLS Cargo. A SLS Cargo ro-ro specialist takes charge and gets your oversize ocean freight permitted, and shipped in the most cost efficient and timely manner possible.